Call Center Outsourcing Management

NG Crossing Outsourcing provides a lot of solutions in terms of

  Inbound Service

General/ Program Inquiries

  • The caller receives all general and program related information.
  • Through this standard process customer general inquiries are handled such as addresses of branches, phone numbers, contact persons and working hours
  • Act as an accessible information channel for customers by providing full information about the product supported and services inquired about.

Service Center Reservation 

In case the caller needs to set a specific appointment to make a service, the call center will provide the available time, service time frame and the cost. In this case Probable will avoid any overbooking which will raise the customer satisfaction and loyalty; on the other hand Probable service center will be well utilized

Complaints Handling

Handle customer complaints by resolving complaints during the call or escalating the complaint to the concerned party and making sure the complaint is handled in a timely manner, usually 24 hours from receiving the complaint. Complaints are received through different means of communication such as phone or fax

Order Taking & Order Management

The Total and detailed process of the order starting from the caller placing a call through the order is being routed to the restaurant till the order is dispatched to the client and finally   when the pilot gets back to the restaurant with the confirmation of the order done Follow-up is done to confirm that callers are receiving the service level they are expecting

Technical Support

The agent should provide the proper blind technical support for the customers by troubleshooting connectivity,, PC problems and etc…

Product Information

Act as an accessible information channel for customers by providing full information about the product supported and services inquired about

Advertisement Response

Act as an accessible information channel during advertisement campaigns. Call source and communication media are very important in this process as they are essential in analyzing and determining the effectiveness of each ad in comparison with other ads or the calls traffic during the normal day and ad day

Support Lines

This process ensures that all customers’ service requests are acknowledged, sent to the client and performed in a timely and efficient manner, hence increasing customer loyalty, through reports clients are able to identify their strength in the market and focus on providing more services to their customers

Outbound Service

SMS Bulk

Bulk SMS is a Marketing Solution that started to get huge popularity due to its force in reaching the targeted customers by disseminating text messages using a special type of system by which Users be able to send single SMS to a large volume of cellular phones at any instant. 

Bulk SMS  system is designed to help Users to be in touch with their clients at a time as it’s easy to use the messaging software by entering the contact numbers manually or upload bulk.